Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yea My car finally made it... but in which one?

Well its here but which one? this is how my car was transported...
It was really interesting to see them unload this barge with all kinds of stuff and size containers.
They moved them by big forklifts..

It was so scary watching them move these containers with such ease.. I was really fascinated with this one

This container was 53ft long .. could only image what was in it..

But what ever it was the operator made it look like he was moving a feather.
It was quite a site for my "city" eyes...
I have my car and very much appreciate its safety in this snow....

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Next Step

Well the household stuff was packed up by the movers, the house is empty, and only the future to look to..
Each day was another step of this process.

The next step was packing up the car with the last of our belongings and head to Seattle where my little car would be loaded into a metal container and barged to Anchorage. I had never driven to Seattle by myself but it was a nice drive over the mountain. I had to be  brave to take on this adventure, tackling the freeways of Seattle and not knowing where the port of Seattle was for sure. I found it!!! Yea, watch my car ride off into the sunset and left on the bench with a suitcase and laptop. What else do I need....
I was glad to have family around to take me in for the night. Chelse (Paul) came and got me and it was the first night I sleep in a bed for weeks. It was a nice visit.
The next morning I boarded the plane and headed to Anchorage to finally see my husband. I think he kinda missed me and was glad to see me. It might have something to do with all the boxes that beat me there to unpack...
Ok it has been 16 days since I saw my car and the much needed stuff in the car... Due to the storms in the gulf they don't know when it will get here.. I have sure learned a lot  with this move..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the adventure continues

Now that we have the vehicles repaired and back on the road..I am learning the ways of Anchorage.We found a lovely townhouse (lots of room for visitors and family) but rent was a shock.

Monte thought I needed the Alaskian experience of the fair to see how things are grown in Alaska..the state record pumpkin 1101 lbs.. what a jack o lantern!
I did see something that I would have loved to have ...only $2,000..only in my dreams..

And we were off...

A lot has happen since I started this adventure. In Aug, Monte and I packed up our 14ft utility trailer and headed to Bellingham WA to catch the ferry to Haines, Alaska... Not without trials...coming out of the Gorge in WA the rear tire of the trailer blew.. and of course the truck didnt want to be left out so ... going down Stevens Pass the truck brakes burn.. By now the ferry was all I wanted to see.
We made the ferry all safe and I got my "cabin" assigned.. of course I had the top bunk...
Some chose other means of sleeping arrangements, yes that is on the ferry.. taped down with duck tape...
We made it to port and unloaded our vehicle.. got brakes fixed only to have a nice man back into our trailer.
the Canada border was not to friendly with Monte, since he had to unload half of the trailer to find all his rifles to declare. I had a lovely visit with the guards for 2 1/2 hrs while he reloaded trailer.
Next day the Yukon awaited us... very lovely but no bathrooms for a lady...
Monte and made it to Anchorage in the weeee early morning, only to discover our other car had major brake damage to it. Needless to say the roads are not your friend in the Yukon.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today has been an emotional day. I have been packing closets and cubby holes that have been neglected for at least 4 years. I have gone through most of my mom's stuff and letters that were written to kids by her, repacking boxes that dolls were in  that she made, seeing her crafty hand work and reminiscing her stories of certain ones. I found the kids blessing outfits, baby blankets and other memorable boxes. My big questions was what do I do with it all.. Michelle, one of our grand daughters, cutely said as I picked up another box, "Are you going to cry again". I asked myself is this what my mom was feeling as she down sized and sorted stuff to give away.
Some things you just cant let go... to be continued.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Cruise

Today we found out that we have reservations for the Ferry..I never thought I would be going on a 3 day Alaskian Cruise....Lots of things to do, we had the moving companies come out today and give us estimates... I was shocked. WE are taking just the basics and it was almost 11,000 pounds = $10,000. I have been going through the list to see what I could do without. Why is it that your house becomes cleaner and neater when you move, than the whole time you are living in it??

Monday, August 16, 2010

Count Down Begins

My Alaskian Adventure will soon begin.. Paperwork has been started and the "fun" is just getting over whelming. Still have a lot of mixed feelings, but I am excited. Monte and I both commented that it feels like a dream and not knowing when we are going to wake up, Monte says I will know when the last piece of furniture is loaded on the truck, that will be my reality.