Friday, November 5, 2010

The Next Step

Well the household stuff was packed up by the movers, the house is empty, and only the future to look to..
Each day was another step of this process.

The next step was packing up the car with the last of our belongings and head to Seattle where my little car would be loaded into a metal container and barged to Anchorage. I had never driven to Seattle by myself but it was a nice drive over the mountain. I had to be  brave to take on this adventure, tackling the freeways of Seattle and not knowing where the port of Seattle was for sure. I found it!!! Yea, watch my car ride off into the sunset and left on the bench with a suitcase and laptop. What else do I need....
I was glad to have family around to take me in for the night. Chelse (Paul) came and got me and it was the first night I sleep in a bed for weeks. It was a nice visit.
The next morning I boarded the plane and headed to Anchorage to finally see my husband. I think he kinda missed me and was glad to see me. It might have something to do with all the boxes that beat me there to unpack...
Ok it has been 16 days since I saw my car and the much needed stuff in the car... Due to the storms in the gulf they don't know when it will get here.. I have sure learned a lot  with this move..


  1. and you were the one that wanted to move there :) See you should have just stayed in CA til after the holidays :)

  2. Sounds like everything is coming together...slowly. That's fun that you got to see Paul and Chels.