Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yea My car finally made it... but in which one?

Well its here but which one? this is how my car was transported...
It was really interesting to see them unload this barge with all kinds of stuff and size containers.
They moved them by big forklifts..

It was so scary watching them move these containers with such ease.. I was really fascinated with this one

This container was 53ft long .. could only image what was in it..

But what ever it was the operator made it look like he was moving a feather.
It was quite a site for my "city" eyes...
I have my car and very much appreciate its safety in this snow....


  1. Wow! I would have never even imagined how they would transport cars like that! Crazy stuff. So glad you got your car...what a relief that they didn't drop it! Sheesh

  2. ditto what angie said! :) Crazy!!!!!